Markings - celebrations of the important times in life and death

Liz began working as a celebrant over twenty years ago.  There was no training in those days and she drew on her background in writing and performing and her interest in working with people, relishing the chance to help express each individual’s voice.

She chose the name Markings for her work.  Making a mark to remember, celebrate, reflect, share the meaning of particular moments in people’s lives.  She works with namings, weddings and funerals but also marks occasions in our lives that are not usually recognised by our society – the end of a relationship or accepting not being able to have children, retirement, menopause or menarche.  She finds this work hugely rewarding.

It is a privilege to be included in some of the most intimate and significant moments in the life of a fellow human being and she has learnt a huge amount from the people she has worked with particularly those living with a life limiting illness.

Charges – Unless there is a lot of travelling involved or a very complex amount of material or organisation to work with a Marking with Liz will usually cost between £180 and £200 including travel.