I first saw a dead body when I was 36. My grandma was in hospital in Bournemouth and had a urine infection. My dad and grandad had not asked the crucial question and thought when told that she was moving to Christchurch for ‘rehab’. A friend told me that this could be fatal for the elderly. I called the hospital to check how she was and was told (with euphemisms) that she was dying and that it would be very soon. I had small children and slept for a couple of hours as I had to drive from Surrey and it was night-time when I called. I went via my grandfather’s first thing in the morning to see if he wanted to come with me. He had no idea at 95 (or at least may not have wanted to) and said no point seeing her “I wouldn’t get much sense out of her”, as he was washing and shopping. I couldn’t say it directly. I made it to the hospital 10 minutes after she died. It was sad the way to go as she was on her own. When I told grandad, he asked for asparagus and salmon for lunch! Thanks for letting people know there are better ways.