Last year I lost a good friend who had no kin, lived in rented accommodation, on benefits. The police took his mobile phone (and still have it!), the housing associating refused us (his friends) access to his flat – claimed they could not find his will. I know he had one as I witnessed it, but have no idea where it was. We wanted only his music – he was a songwriter. It was all thrown away – his instruments and studio gear ‘vanished’. His other possessions were offered us in a sale, bidding against professional dealers. He was buried in a churchyard. He hated Christians, having been abused as a child by a vicar. The money we collected for a headstone had to be given to Blue Cross because it was nowhere near enough to pay for the ownership of the plot (council rules?) etc. etc. Fiasco. I wish to avoid, for my own and my only kin, (sister and nephews who are all religious Jews), burying me according to their rites. They will not even recognise my differently gendered life and identity, let alone my religious apostasy and burial/funeral wishes. I have to put a plan in place somehow in advance.