Mom had just told her friend, “we play a good game of golf and we’ve a nice friendship,” then she said I feel dizzy and passed out at the sixth hole at the golf centre. My brother called and told me they wanted to know what to do with her. She was on a respirator in the hospital. I said, “tell them not to do anything – I’m coming.” I got to sing to her, bathe her and take her off the support, knowing well she didn’t want that. She didn’t really want a memorial, but its really for the people who cared for her, to give closure. Friends kept inquiring, “when’s the memorial.” The freezer was full of her baked goodies, (she was a kitchen artist), so I defrosted them and held a small gathering in her home. It was winter in Florida, hot and muggy, and wouldn’t you know, the air conditioner went out. I spoke to Mom and said, “Mom, it’s OK, let us do this!” Fortunately the repair man got it fixed right before her friends gathered.