I’ve worked for a bereavement counselling service for 7 years, until I decided to leave London and live in Devon. Took me ages to decide but wise decision. I’m writing this as a tribute to my many pets and particularly, to Brownie who died peacefully in my arms at a veterinary surgery, the injection administered by a sensitive man. To Tommy, my darling Havana Brown, which my son said had waited patiently for me to come home from work before we said goodbye. To dear Smokie, my son’s dog who I looked after, after he left home. To my such sweet Arthur, the most patient Siamese Lilac Point I have ever met, about whom I feel guilty because due to financial worry and job insecurity I wasn’t able to see the vet as often as I needed. Last but not least, my sweetest most loyal ‘Isis’ a Burmilla, my friend for 26 years. Arthur’s death has been devastating as the vet was completely insensitive and wouldn’t let me hold him and so I stayed with Isis until she let out a yell and died in my arms.