I shared an allotment with Shona; one afternoon we leaned on our spades and she said, “will you be my executor?” I said, “yes, of course.” The other executor was Jane, a previous partner of Shona’s. Shona died in a car crash in the early hours one Sunday driving home with her previous partner Cam.* Cam was driving, she died too. Cam’s will left everything to Shona. Shona was also her executor. Shona’s will left everything to Cam or, if Cam died, to “family and friends”. Because they died simultaneously it was declared that, as the eldest, Cam died first. Her estate was therefore left to Shona so Jane and I became executors for both women. At the time I felt inadequate and judged by all their friends who had ideas about the distribution of their assets. It was great, though, to give money to all their friends and family and to be of service to them in death. Now I know Shona trusted me to do the job. They had no idea of the consequences of their will making (drawn up by a solicitor). Making a will isn’t always simple.