My uncle was diagnosed with cancer in Summer 2015, in August of that year, and by the end of August, he had passed away. On day in August, I was at work. I look across the shop floor – I see my family. I think nothing of it at first because I worked in Morrisons where my parents do their weekly shop and my sister also worked there. As they walk over I say,”What are you doing here?”. Then I see their puffy, watered eyes. They tell me that Uncle Tovie’s very unwell and is expected to pass away. I leave and we all go to my aunt and uncle’s house, spending time with them and my cousins.  My cousin brings down the playstation and we play for hours, much like when we were young.  Tovie hangs on and we leave to go home.  A few days later, I am at work again and I see my family and I know instantly.  They say, “Tovie’s passed away”.  I don’t cry. I don’t panic like I did a few days before. They ask if I want to come home and I say “No, I’ll stay at work. There’s nothing I can do now.” I finish work at 9.30pm and get a milkshake from MacDonald’s before I cycle home.  I rest it on the rack on the back of my bike and it falls to the floor, exploding into a pink mess. I laugh at first, then burst into tears as I felt I should have hours ago.