As a hospice Nurse I cared for a multi-generational family. Grandma had been in the hospital with two daughters and four or five granddaughters staying with her. One of the daughters told me her child woke in the night and said ‘Grandma is dying’, without any fear. They brought Grandma home with hospice care and it was so lovely to visit this household full of loving, living, open family. I had the blessing to attend the ‘death’ and to be with family after she had died. The children continued to come and go and spend time with Grandma as they had prior to her death. The daughter, whose home we were at, told me her four year old asked if she could light a candle for Grandma, and was given permission. Mom went into the room and found all of them around the room with many candles burning. She laughed and made a comment about calling the fire department. It was such a delight to see the kids and daughters all very open and living their loved ones’ end of life.