A couple of months ago (which makes it worse because I should have been mature enough at 20 not to react this way), I opened a packet in the mail to find my father’s Will.  He had revised it to include, mostly, his 4th wife, with the money later going to my brother and me after her passing. My father’s 4th wife is half his age, fake boobs, fake face, fake everything. Ditzy, and an obvious gold-digger.  This isn’t me being a jealous daughter, everyone who has met her tells my father this and is astounded he doesn’t see it. We accept her as long as he’s happy but opening this made me furious. My real mother assumed I was upset because it was a Will, but I couldn’t care about anything else other than the fact that I was cut out of a Will. Then I just felt like shit for thinking of myself.  But I still can’t believe he thinks this is alright.  But I feel odd bringing it up or showing my anger because it’s such a taboo subject and it’s his choice. I just know she manipulated this and feel jipped.