My mum was given 3 weeks to live with bowel cancer, she lived well for 16 months, despite the last few months with a broken sacrum in 3 places! She took a sudden downturn, I asked the GP who came out at 11pm, “how long??” Like asking, how long is a piece of strong, I know! “3 – 7 days,” he said, I said, “no she has decided to go, but will she survive the night?” When the GP and nurses left at midnight, I sat with my mum and asked her to give me the night as my younger brother had just gone to Weymouth and would have had a drink. I promised her I would call him at daybreak and once he arrived, she could go. He walked in at 8.50am and I said, “you can go now Mum.” She left us at 9.20am.