My mum – her name was June – died in April 2017. When she was alive she only drank two things – one was tea and the other was Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

At her funeral we held the ceremony at the funeral directors and at the end of the address delivered by a celebrant, my friend stood up and spoke about all those times her limited choice of drinks had been inflicted on the family. Have you ever had to order drinks in Spain and had every bottle of sherry rejected in a bar because it wasn’t Harvey’s? He continued with our planned toast and everyone was handed a glass of Harvey’s. The laughter and memories it brought to everyone left us all smiling and chatting – the Funeral Director thought it was fab. On our way to the crematorium it was a warming way to remember the feelings of warmth for June.

After the funeral we all went for afternoon tea at a local hotel – accompanied by cocktails. She would have loved it!