Thank you for enlightening me around the subject of death and dying choices. Whilst the heart of the person stops beating, the heart of the person’s soul and wishes can be followed and should be. The symbol of love should be right to the end and beyond. I lost a child, a little boy called Louis at 26 weeks at Treliske hospital. I was rushed in, blue light flashing, taken to a ward where I gave birth. The room was like a broom cupboard. My husband was outside as there was not any room. I then went on the ward with people who were pregnant. Less than 12 hours of this horrendous experience I was asked, “would you like us to dispose of the foetus.” Dispose! Foetus! This was my 2nd baby, much wanted. It was the worst experience of my life to date. I was fortunate to have my wits about me and stated I wanted time to think. I found an undertaker who sympathetically helped me to arrange a cremation for our son. Your portrayal and the stories you shared in your performance were brilliant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here we are again, heart in life and heart in death.