1963 or 1964, Summer 

Hot, still afternoon. In my great grandparents’ house. Great Grandma was in the garden. Great Grandad came in from his walk “uptown”. Light summer suit, tie, straw hat. He sat in his usual chair by the window next to the table. I was about 5 years old, he asked me “would you get me a glass of Lucozade?” I, pleased to be asked and trusted, gladly went and unscrewed the orange bottle and poured the golden liquid. Using both hands took it through to great grandad who had fallen asleep. Glass on the table, I sat at his feet and waited. He often fell asleep. I waited and waited a bit more. It was all very peaceful. I thought it odd he wouldn’t wake up so I went and found great grandma. She realised what had happened, shepherded me across the lane to grandma’s and then much incomprehensible adult chaos let loose… I wasn’t allowed to go the funeral… it was lovely introduction to death.