When grandpa died, grandma realised how devastating it is when death and funeral come without preparations. She took the decisions needed, mourned for two years and took life back into her hands!

As time went by she became fed up with all of her friends dying away. And having learned from grandpa’s death, she took death into her own hands… The funeral, the ceremony, the grave…

She asked my aunt and I if we would ‘help her go’ if she wouldn’t be able. It took her years to make her believe that would end in prison for us. So, she turned to assisted suicide (legal in Switzerland) and fought for her right to decide the moment of her death. And she succeeded against all odds.

The day the doctor prepared the poison for her to drink, he asked if she wanted a drink with it, since it would taste bitter. As always, her choice of drink was a Martini Bianco. She washed the poison down with it, stretched out on the bed, and died within twenty minutes peacefully.

When asked what I’d like to drink, I’ll always go for Martini Bianco, now, and raise the glass to the sky and to my grandma.