My grandson was born with a brain deformity; he gradually deteriorated and died when he was 11. He had 9 and 6 year old siblings. My daughter knew he was going one night as he was getting cold and she warmed him and kept him alive so his siblings could be with him when he actually left a few hours later.
When I arrived, I wanted to sit with him and found my daughter unhelpful, unintentionally. “We need to get to the pub for supper”. I insisted and asked them to go without me and I would follow. I stayed with him a much shorter time than I would have liked and when I arrived at the pub there was a long wait. I felt sad and cheated and cross with myself for not following my wishes.
However my other daughter and I had visited 3 weeks earlier (here in Yorkshire) and I knew he was going so I was able to say goodbye then.