My sister Lynn was quite a character. A bit like Dawn French personality wise.  She died when she was 40 from lung cancer. When she was still alive she looked very well. Always glamorous. Towards the end she was awarded a blue badge for parking. One day we parked and got out of the car and two passers by commented on how they give blue badges away to anyone these days. We thought that was funny, but it highlights the assumptions people make about others. Lynn’s wishes were to be cremated and have her ashes thrown in the sea in Plymouth. Although as an adult she moved away, she always remembered sunny days but the Tinside pool as a teenager. On the day we went to scatter the ashes, we hired a boat and filled it with friends, family and champagne. I was in charge of the ashes. Mum said did I think it would be alright if she had a bit to scatter around her rose bush. I got a serving spoon from the kitchen drawer and a small tupperware. Word got around. Whilst dispensing the ashes in the downstairs loo, a queue formed. Several pots of ashes were dispensed. We all laughed. What was left went into the sea, followed by a glass of champagne.