A friend of a friend was admitted to the Hospice for EOL care. She lived on a property by the coast with goats, chickens and dogs. She was an active hunt saboteur and had an amazing collection of Dr Martin Boots. She asked our mutual friend to ‘lead’ her funeral. No flowers, as “flowers should be in the ground, not picked and put on a coffin.” She chose her own music. A wicker biodegradable coffin. As we entered the crematorium, (basket on a trolley as “by god, no-one should have to carry me alive, never mind dead.”) One of the songs played was called “Life’s too short to fold underwear” – hilarious. As we all sat down (no suits or pomp) a recording of the lady’s voice boomed out of the speakers. ‘Hello. If you are listening to the then I am dead. Thank you for coming. For those that aren’t here – you’re missing a bloody good party!” It was all about her. Written by her and organised by her. The best funeral full of smiles and laughter.