The funny side of my Dad’s death: My 3 sisters and I gathered at his bedside in hospital just as he died. We asked the nurse to send for the Chaplain because my Dad was a devout Catholic. When he arrived, we were sitting round the bed talking, crying and laughing and the Chaplain came over to the bed (he was very young and nervous) and began to ask my Dad questions. We all had trouble suppressing our giggles, because the priest obviously didn’t realise he was already dead.   Eventually one of us managed to tell him and he blushed and began to pray. Dad would have loved this!

The upsetting part of my Dad’s death: He suffered from emphysema, heart problems, had had 2 strokes and a heart attack and was 1 week off his 97th birthday. But, because a doctor hadn’t seen him in the previous 2 weeks, they insisted on a post mortem to determine the cause of death.