Two friends of mine lost their child a few years ago. They were visiting my friend’s mother with their two year old son. They left him for grandma to watch while they went to dinner and he wandered out the back door while grandma was asleep on the couch. They found him two days later in a neighbour’s pool. I came to help search, along with many people in the community. When they found him, the police tried to take him away immediately to the coroner’s. Because I know decomposition happens rapidly with water deaths and recovery, I advocated for my friends to spend a few last hours with him while he still looked like himself. We took him to a local funeral home, and my friends cuddled their son for two hours as members of the community, family, friends, police officers, and firemen shuffled by to share their condolences. When they finished I took him personally to the coroner’s 20 minutes away from the funeral home. By the time I got there he was almost unrecognizable.