I nursed a lady on a hospital ward when I was working a night shift. This lady’s wishes, which were expressed a week before her dying days, were told to her very large family – she didn’t want them around her bedside while she died. The family were horrified but respected their mum/nan/sister’s wishes. Then on my night shift it was nearly time for her. She looked scared when I walked into her room and held her hand. Her eyes opened and she said, ‘it’s you’. I had nursed her for many weeks. I reassured her she was fine and put the radio on. I stayed by her side all night holding her hand, singing to her. This lady was at peace and pain free, she was no longer scared, holding my hand tight. At 6.50am that morning she took her last breath and went to sleep. This will always be an emotional memory for me. Her family were informed she wasn’t on her own and also their mum wasn’t scared with me at her side.