Growing up I had a real bleak outlook on death. I didn’t like the idea of being cremated…. it seemed so dramatic and all that body smoke. Somebody is breathing that in. (Honestly I don’t know much about the process of cremation obviously!) Then the idea of being buried in a box in a row with all these strangers. For the longest time these were the only two options I knew of. Then you have everyone in depressing clothes, carrying on in a sombre way, all this sadness, just so bleugh! But then my Uncle passed very suddenly, and young. My Aunt was so distraught. She didn’t know what to do. The thought of having to relive all of this at a funeral weighed on her heavily! It wasn’t until my Uncle’s bandmates, (he was part of an old country band) insisted they played one last time for him. Long story short, we had this amazing party, pot luck food, the band jamming out, people coming up joining in, dancing, laughter, fun. That’s when I realised, that’s how I want to go out, with laughter and smiles.